Proofreading Portfolio

Much of the work that I proofread cannot be showcased online – including essays, theses, and CVs – but below is a list of the projects that I have worked on which you can view.

Bedtime Stories:

I frequently collaborate with the Austrian publishers, Little Lights Studios, editing children’s stories for their newly launched app, Bedtime Stories. They deeply care about captivating stories and their app is built to help you tell better stories and to engage with your family through storytelling.

You can read more about the stories that I have edited here.


In my first year of university, I helped to create, write for and edit Dais, a university-funded arts journal that I produced with a small group of students from University College Falmouth. We formed the publication after winning a competition following a master-class, but the project only reached one issue due to a conflict of interests.

You can read more about my role in creating this magazine here.


I edited Noy’s personal website as my first ever proofreading job after qualifying. I proofread his website and blog, and ensured that all of the links and contact pages on his website worked correctly.

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