Proofreading & Editing

After graduating from university with a First-Class degree in Journalism, I have recently become a qualified​ proofreader and have received a Distinction in a Proofreading and Editing diploma.

As a newly qualified proofreader, I currently offer my services at a reduced fee of £8 per 1,000 words, so that I can begin to build up my references and experience.

• First-Class BA(Hons) degree in Journalism
• Distinction in a Proofreading and Editing diploma

• I have currently only had a couple of freelance jobs in proofreading, having only graduated in November 2015, but you can read my constantly updated list of references for more details.
• I do, however, have plenty of experience in journalism and copywriting, which you can read more about here.

Whether it’s a 100-word article, a 10,000-page book, or your brand new website, I offer my services in the following:

Proofreading (for basic errors and inconsistencies)
Copy-editing (a more advanced edit)
Copywriting (see here)

I offer these proofreading and editing services at three different levels:

Level 1 (Light) – A basic proofread, making sure that your copy is ready for publishing.
Level 2 (Medium) – A copy-edit considering the voice, tone, and purpose of your copy.
Level 3 (Heavy) – A full content edit or re-write, considering the consistency and flow of your copy.

How will I improve your work?

• Remove grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.
• Check the consistency and flow of your copy.
• Make sure that your copy’s voice meets your audience.
• Use track changes and comments.
• Check facts and generalisations.
• Eliminate jargon.
• Provide feedback and advice on everything from the structure of your copy to the design.
• Evaluate your referencing.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss one of your briefs, please contact me below:

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