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After graduating from university with a First-Class degree in Journalism, I have recently become a qualified proofreader and have received a Distinction in a Proofreading and Editing diploma.

What I offer:

Every piece of copy is different, so I am committed to giving you a unique service to ensure a high-quality end product, ensuring that you get the best service from me but also the best outcome from your own work.

Whether it’s a 100-word article, a 10,000-page book, your recently updated CV or your brand new website, I offer my services in both proofreading and copy-editing.

This means that I offer my services on two different levels:

Proofreading – checking only for basic errors and inconsistencies, making sure that your copy is ready for publishing.

Copy-editing – a more advanced edit, considering the voice, tone, and purpose of your copy, as well as the flow and format to ensure that your copy is of its best quality.

My experience is with editing:
• Essays
• Dissertations
• Theses
• Websites
• CVs and cover letters
• Children’s short stories

However, I am happy to look at all types of copy, so if you think that I can be of any service to you then please get in contact with me below.

How will I improve your work?

• Remove grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.
• Maintain the flow and readability of your copy.
• Ensure that your copy’s voice meets your audience.
• Establish a consistent format.
• Use track changes and comments to provide feedback and advice.
• Evaluate your referencing.


• First-Class BA(Hons) degree in Journalism
• Distinction in a Proofreading and Editing diploma


• As a freelancer, I frequently edit essays and CV’s.
• I currently collaborate with an Austrian book publishers, Little Light Studios, editing children’s short stories for their newly developed app, Bedtime Stories.
• You can read my constantly updated portfolio and my page of references for more details.
• I also have a lot of experience in journalism and copywriting, which you can visit my blog to see more of.

Contact Me:

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your copy, you can either contact me on my freelancing Facebook page or submit a query form below:

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