Bedtime Stories

I frequently collaborate with the Austrian publishers, Little Lights Studios, editing children’s stories for their newly launched app, Bedtime Stories.

These are the stories that I have proofread and edited for them. You can click on the images for details on how to read them.

Billy Growing Up

Positive values are the basis upon which Billy and his friends learn to become responsible adults.

The Billy series supports parents to deal with the challenging issues children face. Through storytelling, these issues are set in a meaningful context, allowing children to see things from different perspectives.

Carter and the Cedar Forest Critters

Carter and The Cedar Forest Critters is a story about observing the world around you, to take the time to slow down and notice the little things.

Summer in Cedar Forest brings adventure for Carter. A magical walking stick gives him the ability to talk to the animals. He uses his knowledge of nature to lend a helping hand, to solve a few problems and make new friends.

Kris Snowman

Kris Snowman is a famous rock’n’roll singer from the South Pole, who travels all over the world playing his music. Accompanied by his personal assistant, Elka, Kris is living the dream of a Rockstar.

Kris thinks he is too cool and refuses to listen to anyone’s advice – can Kris learn to be a better snowman, or will he remain cold and uncaring?

The Moonlight Farmers

Can you imagine what it would feel like if the sun made you sick and you couldn’t go out to play? This is why Edna and Jim have to work on their farm at night when the moon shines high in the sky.

Everything changes when new neighbors move in. Their children can’t go out in the sun, either. Together, they let their nights become their days.

Rowena The Witch Doctor

Rowena’s the clumsiest graduate of witch school but wants to wow the world with her magic.

Her new village has other plans. Will Rowena’s magical mistakes mess everything up, or is she just what the doctor ordered?

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