The Short That Became: Cashback

(Written for Virgin Media Shorts)

Ever wondered what you would do if you could stop time and walk around in a “frozen” world? Sounds pretty interesting, right? This is what Sean Ellis explores in his short and feature of the same name, Cashback.

The Short:

Originally exhibited as a short in 2004, Cashback tells the story of Ben, an art student working the night shift in a local supermarket who finds himself with the power to freeze time whilst remaining on a normal time-frame.

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The Short That Became: Bottle Rocket

(Written for Virgin Media Shorts)

Whether you like his unique style or not, you can’t deny Wes Anderson knows how to tell a story. He’s a filmmaker both equally loved and hated for his quirky, colourful, and comical family dramas. And with his eighth feature film The Grand Budapest Hotel coming next year, we can expect much of the same.

But there was a time when he was simply enjoyed, when he filmed in black and white, when he made the audience laugh, and his style of film-making was only just being recognised as something quite ingenious. Albeit his least successful films, his short Bottle Rocket and debut feature of the same name undeniably launched an impressive career.

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