Idris Elba In Talks For British Adventure ‘Ascension’

(Written for BritScene)

Luther star Idris Elba is in talks to join the cast of the TV adventure/thriller miniseries, Ascension.

British producer Vivek J. Tiwary (The Fifth Beatle) and writer Warren Ellis (Red) have teamed up for the project, which revolves around the history and future of astronomy and mankind’s impulse for the stars.

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TV Series About ‘Braveheart’ Hero William Wallace In Development

(Written for BritScene)

A scripted drama series based on the legendary Scottish knight, William Wallace, is in development, it has been announced this week.

Portrayed by American actor Mel Gibson in the 1995 Oscar-winning film Braveheart, the TV biopic will focus on Wallace’s years spent trying to unify Scotland as well as his loves and losses and his legendary battles with King Edward the Longshank and rival Robert the Bruce.

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UK Series ‘Skins’ To End With One Final Series & Former Stars To Return

(Written for BritScene)

Channel 4 has announced this week that E4’s British teen drama series Skins will bow out with one final series, where famous Skins characters from all six series will star in ‘celebratory’ reappearances.

“Channel 4 today confirmed that next year’s series of E4’s teen drama Skins will be its last,” the broadcaster commented earlier this week. The series has now been recommissioned for a special seventh run, the final in the series, which will be made of three films broken into six parts.

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New Trailer for Lena Durham’s Upcoming HBO Series ‘Girls’

(Written for HeyUGuys)

HBO has a new series coming up this year and, with the first three episodes set to premier for audiences at SXSW later this month, is produced by, starring, written by and directed by Lena Dunham.

The series, Girls, is aimed at young women and is a comic look at the assorted humiliations and rare triumphs of a group of girls in their early 20s.

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Another New Trailer for ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Two

(Written for BritScene)

The second official trailer for season two of HBO’s medieval fantasy series Game Of Thrones has been released this week, and if you weren’t looking forward to the series already, with the first official trailer released only a couple of weeks ago, you definitely will be now.

Set to Florence and the Machine’s Seven Devils, the new trailer is both epic and powerful, giving us an even deeper look at where we are this season and a glimpse of the red priestess burning the old gods.

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British ‘Lost’ Actor Alum Dominic Monaghan Lands TV Series

(Written for BritScene)

British actor Dominic Monaghan has landed a new show on BBC America, announcements confirm this week, which sees the actor globetrotting in search of “the biggest, scariest and weirdest insects on the planet.”

Best know for his role as Charlie in J.J. Abrams TV series Lost and as Lord of the Rings hobbit Merry, BBC America, OLN and Channel 5 announced on Tuesday that Monaghan is set to lead the new travel-adventure series titled Wild Things, which sends the actor around the globe in search of big and bizarre insects.

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