My Top 20 Films of 2016

It’s time for my top films of 2016, and this year it wasn’t all about the superhero blockbusters for a change (except for one of them!). From Japanese anime that isn’t from Studio Ghibli to a Japanese anime that was announced to be Studio Ghibli’s last, to Disney and more Disney and even a Disney classic adaptation, 2016 was definitely an accomplished year for animation. And let’s not forget about those incredible book adaptations, which make up nearly half of my top 20. It certainly was an impressive year!

This year I’ve watched 563 films (42 released this year, and 247 for the first time). That’s 47 films on average per month, and 11 on average per week.

My most watched directors are Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, and Tony Scott, and my most watched actor is Owen Wilson.

Click here for a constantly updated list of my favourite films of the year.

And here it is, my Top 20 Films of 2016:

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