It’s Halloween weekend, and to celebrate the spooky holiday, Grammarly have created a monster of a quiz.

Have you ever been reading one of your favourite horror novels and found yourself wondering, “Who am I more like? Dracula? or Frankenstein?” Well, no… me neither. But by taking this quiz, you can find out which iconic literary monster you would be most like.

Do you solve your problems by running away or by eating it? Would you most like to live in a Medieval England or in the Italian forest? And is your choice of weapon your physical strength or your loyalty?

All of these questions lead to one answer, and I’m sure you’re eager to find out for yourself.

Here are my results:


Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” is one of the most iconic monsters in popular culture. Count Dracula is an ancient master of the dead who craves blood to fuel his existence and will go to great lengths—shipping massive amounts of dirt from Transylvania to England—to get it. He is driven and cunning, using his intelligence and sensuality to lure his victims to their demise.