(Written for Beamly)

Whilst many of us are getting excited for the upcoming fifth series of FX’s horror anthology series American Horror Story, subtitled Hotel, which is set to be released later this year, 5* are starting from the beginning and airing the very first series, beginning next week.

Subtitled ‘Murder House’, the first series originally aired in 2011 and follows a family who move into a new house, a 1920s mansion which was the scene of a recent murder-suicide. But little do they know, the former residents weren’t the only people to have died in this house, and the ghosts of those that suffered there aren’t happy that a new family have moved in.

Set to begin on 5* on Saturday 27th June at 10pm, here are four reasons why you should watch the first series (as well as series two and three which are on Netflix) and give this series a binge-watch before the new one begins:

1. This is ‘horror’ at it’s best

There aren’t many good horror films around these days, and TV shows even less.

And it’s done incredibly well. At times the atmosphere is incredibly tense and there’s a lot of not knowing what’s creeping behind the corner, but it doesn’t depend on cliches and is, instead, completely original.

2. The cast is incredible

The cast of the series’ leading family are Dylan McDermott as the father, Connie Britton as the mother, and Taissa Farmiga as their daughter. I find this trio pretty unbeatable from the whole show so far, as they make the first series so inviting and enjoyable, even if we are watching their paranormal torture.

The supporting cast also includes Frances Conroy as a maid, Jessica Lange as a neighbour, Evan Peters as her son, Zachary Quinto as a previous tenant, Kate Mara as an ex-lover, and Sarah Paulson as a medium.

Most of these actors also return in different roles throughout the other series. Jessica Lange steals the show most episodes, but this collection of actors really is one of the best for a TV show, and they obviously have a lot of love for the show themselves.

3. There are so many characters to meet

Since there’s more than just the one ghost in this Murder House, there are new characters to meet every episode, which just makes it so much more intriguing and exciting, right?

4. Because the series get better and better

Slowly, episode after episode, the explanations of why there are so many lost souls in this house become clearer, and the twists get bigger and bigger as it goes on. With more characters comes more excitement, and there’s so much going on by the end that you won’t want to wait a whole week to see what comes next.

If you don’t have Netflix to watch all three series at your own pace, then make sure you take the chance to watch this first series, at least.

American Horror Story: Murder House will air on 5* on Saturday 27th June at 10pm. Catch up now!