New TV Channel ‘Spike’ to Air The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Son’s of Anarchy

(Written for Beamly)

It’s already been deemed “the hardest TV channel on the box”, and it’s no wonder when Channel 5’s spin-off channel, Spike, has such a fantastic schedule of shows. You can’t get much harder than Walter White, Rick Grimes, and Jax Teller.

With a number of exciting new programmes scheduled, ranging from drama to comedy to sport, the biggest news is that Spike, coming soon to the UK, is set to air three of the best TV series of recent years from start to finish – Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Sons of Anarchy.

Breaking Bad previously aired its first two seasons on television, beginning in 2008, but was later moved to Netflix, so this will be the first time that the series will be played on the telly in its entirety.

The Walking Dead has just concluded its fifth series on AMC, but will again be re-run from the beginning on Spike, and the same for Sons of Anarchy which was originally aired on FX, ranking as its highest-rated series ever.
And if this news wasn’t enough, the channel has a number of other great programmes for us to look forward to, too.

Other shows include…

  • Police Interceptors Unleashed – Vinnie Jones fronts this real-life crime drama which follows the work of the high-speed police interception unit.
  • Tattoo Disasters UK – some of the most painful examples of British body art and the individuals who have to learn to live with their mistakes.
  • Olympus – the British TV premiere of the mythological blockbuster.
  • Bellator MMA – the emerging sports franchise featuring many of the world’s greatest fighters including British champion Liam McGeary.

And the one I’m looking forward to the most…

  • Lip Sync Battle – a series inspired by the American chat show host Jimmy Fallon’s popular feature in which he gets celebrity guests to lip sync to their favourite songs.

If you haven’t seen any of Fallon’s lip sync battles with celebrities yet then I suggest you get yourself on YouTube. The videos will entertain you for hours, and I can’t wait for us to have our own series of this fantastic comedy.

Here’s my favourite Fallon lip sync battle:

For sports fans, Spike has also signed an exclusive deal with the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA) for its tournaments, for a Saturday ‘Fight Night’ feature, and there will also be a range of reality series aired including Catch a Contractor and Frankenfood.

Spike is already available in the US, but it will be available for UK residents from 15th April.


One thought on “New TV Channel ‘Spike’ to Air The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Son’s of Anarchy

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  1. “Yay!” I thought, as I planned to watch Breaking Bad from the start.
    “Bugger!” I thought, as the signal for Spike dropped in and out every day for the first three episodes. (Now I’m downloading the whole lot for nothing anyway)

    According to their website, Spike have taken some bandwidth from old Freeview channels.
    I reckon they need to increase their own, otherwise they’ll be losing frustrated viewers like me for some time.


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