The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 14 – TV Review

(Written for Filmoria)

And finally, we have the episode that the second half of Season 5 has needed! “Spend” picks up the pace of The Walking Dead once again, as twists, death, and gore take prominence over false conventional living styles and paranoid confrontations. And it’s all heading in the right direction, as both sides of Alexandria are looking to find fault in those they had just begun to trust.

The episode begins with Father Gabriel ripping out pages of the Bible, so it was obvious from the start that “Spend” wasn’t going to end well. And after all the speculation as to who or what would begin to stir up problems in the new community, who’d have thought that it would be Gabriel to set things in motion? We all knew that he was a selfish man who only cared for his own survival in this zombie hell, but his actions in “Spend” create a huge bump in the road.

That and the fact that we get to see some of the group risking their lives outside of the walls again, which invites action, gore, and some of the most horrific deaths to date, as Glen, Noah, Tara, Eugene, Aiden (Deanna’s son), and Nicholas (Aiden’s friend) journey to a nearby depot in search for solar power cells (or something as equally technical).

Glen’s always good in a fight, Noah’s starting to pull in some fans, Eugene needs to stop being such a coward, and we need to see if Aiden and Nicholas are decent team leaders, so this was the perfect ensemble to leave the walls. And it offered everything that was needed to pick up the pace of the series again, as well as giving answers as to how the Alexandria community work together in times of danger.

At the depot, Glen slowly takes control of Aiden’s lead, and on another outing Abe risks his life to save another member of the Alexandria team, encouraging others to step up and help him. It seems that Rick’s group are making an influence, and people are starting to recognise their strength, but also their dedication.

But after the revelation that Gabriel shares, not everybody is going to so open-minded about the group’s actions, and trouble is brewing as their motives begin to be questioned.

Not all issues are zombie-related, however, as the residential setting of Alexandria opens up some more relatable concerns. And Rick’s delighted to hear that the problems centre around Jessie’s relationship with her husband, as Rick’s been dying to get in her pants from the first time he saw her (I apologise for the use of the phrase “get in her pants”, but that really is all Rick wants to do). Even before Rick knew that there were any problems in their marriage, he thought about shooting her husband just for the chance of getting her alone.

And now his chance is finally here. Next week’s episode wills see how Rick and Carol respond to the new information, but will their help be seen as interfering to those who are starting to doubt Rick’s motives and character?

With the death of a loved regular, the audience are once again engaged with the plot, but it’s the death of two Alexandria characters that’s going to stir things up. These deaths alongside Rick and Carol’s new scheme, as well as Gabriel’s revelations, means that next week’s episode is going to be a good one!

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