(Written for Filmoria)

Last week’s episode proved that something ominous was going on in Alexandria, but we still don’t know what or on what level. All we know is that something’s not right, and that sooner or later something is going to go wrong. But who will force this change in atmosphere? Do the residents of Alexandria really have something to hide? Or will it be Rick and his group become the kind of people they feared to bump into outside of the walls?

“Forget” gives us even more to think about, as more hints are given to a darker side to the new safe zone. As the group discover bodies with letters carved into their heads and notice odd community routines, minds begin ticking as paranoia kicks in once again.

It would be foolish of the group not to take precautions, as they steal their weapons back and make a back-up plan for if it all turns against them, but it gets to a point where you think, “Pipe down, guys.” Even if it does come to a point where Rick and rest of the group have to step up to their new ‘friends’, the people of Alexandria are far too comfy in their fake reality to have the strength to fight back. It would be an easy win, and the constant anxiety of the group seems unnecessary at the minute.

But it seems that the group may be slowly convincing themselves that this is the place for them, or at least most of them are. As the group are invited to a welcome party, Sasha is the only one struggling in plain view, as she refuses to accept her surroundings of pretence, whilst Daryl is still keeping his distance. Daryl, however, makes a new friend, and it seems that he’s now found a place in the community where he feels settled.

So that’s nearly everyone who has stepped up to their role. But then there’s Carol. Carol gives off the great appearance of fitting in and being “invisible”, but behind closed doors she’s stealing chocolate and threatening children. And what a scene this was! Carol acts so cooly, but is in fact one of the most sinister characters of the group, and she’s not going to let anybody break her down. For now, she might playing her role as the innocent, older home-maker, but you know that if trouble comes knocking she’ll be the first one to fire a shot.

And it’s this first shot that we’re building up to here. There’s been a lot of twitchy hands as the group get a hold of their weapons once again, and potential enemies are starting to make themselves known. The people of Alexandria may be convincing enough for now, but even if they are the friendly bunch they promise, it’s never going to be enough for Rick and the group.

With only a few more episodes left, next week’s episode HAS to be the one where this all builds up to something. “Forget” has been another slow episode, but it has opened up more cracks and weak spots in characters. Those twitchy hands won’t be afraid to pull the trigger for much longer.