(Written for Beamly)

Masterchef is on its way back to our TV screens, and my mouth’s watering already!

Here are five reasons why I can’t wait for the reality cooking competition to return.

1. Because I’m hungry

That’s right. I’m hungry, and I want to see somebody rustle up a decent bit of grub to make up for the fact that I’m having beans on toast tonight. Speaking of beans on toast…

2. There’s always a fruitcake

And I don’t mean a Mary Berry-type cake! I mean the nutter who thinks he can cook and who ends up giving professional chefs a plate overflowing with sausage and beans on toast. And for dessert? A rice pudding that has the consistency of cement. What a legend.

3. You can never grow old of Gregg saying: “That’s as tasty as you like!”

…or any kind of compliment with “as you like” at the end. Because that’s how he likes it. The judgements are always a lot of fun to watch, and you can’t beat the image of Gregg and John either flushing with pleasure or uncomfortably gagging at a spoonful of somebody else’s food.

4. Gregg and John in general

Wouldn’t they be the perfect dinner guests? Sure, they might be a bit critical, but you can’t help but love these two. They’re such a laugh, and they’re certainly going to make a weekly improvement on your TV schedule!

5. My pies aren’t moist enough

Sorry, what?

What I mean to say is that I can’t quite get my pastry dough right, and I love that you get to learn the basics of cooking whilst watching this show. Educational as well as entertaining! What more could you want?

Masterchef returns to BBC1 on Tuesday, 10th March, at 9pm.

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