The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 12 – TV Review

(Written for Filmoria)

“Remember” – the episode where Rick FINALLY has a shave. And now he looks odd. I don’t like it. Grow it back!

Taking a documentary-style approach, episode 12 sees the group enter a new safe zone and joining a brand new community, but they’re still not sure about who they can trust. Is this community one they can be safe in together? Or is it going to all go terribly wrong? …again. We still don’t know, and neither do the group as they still sleep in single file on the floor of their brand new mansion.

It’s been an uneasy start the series with a lot of distrust and uncertainty from the group, and a hugely paranoid Rick beating down the hopes of everybody else. But those fears are slowly fading away, and the group are letting others – and us, the audience – back in again, as they allow themselves to relax and have a bit of fun.

Well, almost. Not a lot happened in this episode, apart from the filming of the characters individually by Alexandria leader Deanna to get inside of their minds a little. But what this did do was show us how the group were feeling without the influence of others around them. Rick’s starting to trust again, Carl’s making new friends, and Carol looks about 50 years older, even if the group were allowed a well-needed bath and hair cut.

It’s almost as if the world isn’t in a state of zombie apocalypse in the oddly normal setting Alexandria, but the group don’t want to let themselves become weak and start believing that they’re safe, so there’s still a few zombie kills to remind us of what’s going on as the group try to settle down once again. Everyone feels that sense of it all being too good to be true, and it’s almost as if they want the constant threat to their lives and sense of danger around them. We don’t want to see them sat around a house playing board games, and that’s not the life they want to live either. Although there’s nothing to make us think that Alexandria has something morally wrong with it, it’s all got to go wrong somewhere and both the audience and the characters are waiting for it.

Again, whilst there wasn’t a lot of drama in this episode, we did get to meet some new characters, with a number of relationships already beginning to spark, so there’s many different story lines that can start to take place now. Tensions are already stirring, but everything seems to be in control so it’s hard to know where it’s going from here. But for now, let’s enjoy the group appreciating each others presence once again, and maybe some of these new characters will be likable enough to stick around for good.

The only thing we’re uncertain of now is what’s going on with Darryl? It’s obvious that he has some kind of rampage/emotional break-down on the brink, so let’s see if what he’s faced with next week will finally push him over the edge.


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