(Written for Beamly)

Downton Abbey already has some big names attached to it, but George Clooney? Well, you read correctly. The beauty that is George Clooney has made his debut in ITV’s period drama series in aid of Text Santa, and a teaser for his cameo has now been released, which you can watch below.

With the episode due to air over the Christmas holidays, the teaser does nothing more than tease, as Lady Grantham, who is played by Elizabeth McGovern, approaches the star from behind.

She says: “Dearest, Lord and Lady Carlisle have asked us over for dinner tonight.”

And then George turns around, and all that follows is a quick peak at his lovely face.

So can we assume his is the new Lord Grantham? All we know for certain is that he is playing an American wedding guest at the Crawley pile in the special sketch.

Whilst this news is hugely exciting for fans of the series and of Clooney alike, it got me thinking. What other celebrities would make brilliant cameos? Here’s five of my favourite choices:

1. Ian McKellen

A British treasure, in my eyes. The Lord of The Rings star would fit right in amongst the well spoken and well dressed cast. He should also bring close friend Patrick Stewart along with him, too, because that would make TV heaven.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch

No further explanation needed. (Unfortunately Cumberbatch is NOT a fan of the series so this isn’t likely!)

3. Damien Lewis

Because his presence is hugely missed on the latest series of Homeland, we need Lewis back on a British drama to remind us how brilliant he is.

4. Tom Hiddleston

Everybody loves a villain, right Hiddleston? Let’s add some real drama with this British treat. I’m sure he’s a lovely man in real life, but there’s something so sly about him that he’s sure to bring trouble with him everywhere he goes!

5. Eddie Redmayne

Because not enough people know of his talent! Actor in the musical film adaptation Les Miserables and lead of the soon to be released biopic of Stephen Hawkin, The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne is an actor easy to fall in love with. A role for him on Downton would certainly be an audience pleaser!