(Written for Beamly)

With E4’s reality TV show Made In Chelsea now on series eight, I’m missing some of the old cast. There’s a few members that will be forever in our Chelsea hearts, but there’s also a few that may just have slipped your mind. So let’s take a look at some of the series past members, and reminisce at some of their best moments.

Caggie Dunlop

How could we ever forget Caggie? She’s where it all began, and is the reason why we haven’t trusted Spencer from Episode 1. Caggie, to me, is the definition of MIC. It was all about her at one point, and is the reason why I got into the series in the first place.

Millie Mackintosh

Ah, Millie! Or the girlfriend of Professor Green as we now know her. She was a real beauty on the show and her friendship with Caggie was fun to watch. She will also be remembered most for throwing a drink over Hugo. Go Millie!

Ollie Locke

Ollie has always been one of my favourite MIC members. He brought me to tears with his break-up with Gabby in the first series, and then I was soon rooting for him to find a boyfriend instead. His sexuality was a great story line and one I can’t believe they got away with questioning it for so long. But I wish it was still going on!

Hugo Taylor

Hugo bought some great drama to the show, especially when it came to his relationship with Millie. But he also calmed Spencer down a little, and it was nice to have someone a little more sensible in comparison to the likes of Jamie and Proudlock around him. Apparently Hugo prefers the jungle to the streets of Chelsea, however.

Francis Boulle

I think of Francis every time somebody skateboards past me… or holds up a pineapple. Francis would always provoke some laughs when he was on-screen and his presence is largely missed.

Phoebe Thompson

Phoebe was a great character just for her fashion. She wasn’t overly likeable, but she always looked good!

Gabriella Ellis

Gabby certainly went a bit loopy towards the end of her time on the show, but before her Ollie dramas she was a great laugh. At least we don’t have to hear her sing anymore.

Funda Onal

Spencer’s girlfriend during the first series of MIC, Funda was mean-faced and full of attitude. But we like a girl who can mess with Spencer, back in the days of his dodgey hair styles.

Fredrik Ferrier

More scenes could be improved by having Fredrik hanging upside down in the background.

Chloe Green

Poor Chloe, going out with Ollie when we all knew he was wanting a boyfriend instead! But it made for good drama between her and Gabby and some real hilarious confrontations.

Amber Atherton

Cast member of the first three series, Amber was a young, pretty face that didn’t add an awful lot to the series but was always nice to have around.

Richard Dinan

We remember him for his posh accent and sweeping hair, and… nah, he didn’t do much else.

Kimberly Garner

Kimberly is quite a memorable character, but I don’t remember why because her relationship with Richard was borrinnnggggg!

Agne Motiejunaite

Francis’ sexy intern in the first series of the show, Agne is remembered for dating Francis and Fredrik… at the same time. But we wouldn’t expect anything less from a member of MIC.