(Written for Beamly)

With ITV’s series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here returning later this month, we’re bored of the non-celebrities that enter the competition and disappoint us year after year. So here’s seven celebrities we’d love to see enter the jungle.

1. Karl Pilkington

We’ve seen him travel the world under the guidance of comedians Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and he’s made his laugh with fits of tears at his dumb commentaries along the way, but wouldn’t it be amazing to see Karl Pilkington’s grumpy attitude in the horribly awkward atmosphere of the celebrity jungle? I can picture it now, Karl refusing to do anything around the camp and moaning about every other person in sight. But it would be the kind of moaning that we love about Karl. He would certainly make it worth watching.

2. Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer has been surprisingly brilliant in his new role in Eastenders, with a role that allows his cheekiness to show a little. But I want some of that anger and swearing back, and the jungle would certainly bring out the best in him.

3. Mary Berry

Purely to see her pick apart and insects and kangaroo testicles and describe to the viewers just how yummy they taste.

4. Alan Carr

Give him a bottle of wine every night and Alan Carr would provide some huge laughs in the jungle. He’d bring out the personalities of others with his chat show skills but he’d also have a good bitch.

5. David Hasslehoff

I’m A Celeb is always full of cheesey celebrities who are either trying to get out of reality TV (by going onto other reality tv shows?!) or who are well past their sell by date. Hasslehoff has been doing whatever he can lately but he’s still pretty hilarious, so I’m sure he’d be up for this one.

6. The Cast of Gogglebox

I won’t be picky – it can be any of the Gogglebox cast, including Leon and June, Stephanie and Dominic, or even Silent Jay – but any of these groups of mild-celebrities would be great to watch amongst the rest. We love watching them watching celebrities, so just think what it would be like to watch them working with celebrities. They’d give us something to relate to, at least, and I’m A Celeb needs that touch of natural character.

7. Ant & Dec

It’s about time Ant and Dec were put on the other side of the show! They’ve been watching over other celebrities for years now so I’m sure it would be fun for all if they were to get involved!