(Written for Beamly)

With the final episode of E4’s teen drama Glue airing on Monday, the big question remains: Who killed Cal? The series is giving away very little clues and with the actors themselves not knowing the answer whilst filming, it all comes down to this episode. So let’s have a look at the characters in detail and try to figure out this mystery for ourselves.


Ruth is an old friend of the group, presumably no longer friends with them because the father of her baby is Tina’s dad. Now working as a Police Constable, Ruth is a key investigator in the murder. We know that she has links with the Romany travellers as she and her mothered are estranged from the community, but did she know Cal well enough to want to kill him? Ruth’s seemed to risk too much throughout the series to simply be covering any tracks, so I would guess that her intentions are solely to find out the answers.


Tina’s been a big character throughout the series, working on the farm as a female jockey. She was very close to Cal and is now with his brother, Eli, so she’s very close to the family. She’s quite a dangerous character and is no stranger to breaking laws, but does she have murder in her? Tina’s certainly quite sneaky and it would be no surprise if she did it, we’d just need to know why.


Tina’s now ex-boyfriend, Rob, is another big character who has pulled many of the strings throughout the series.
But his intentions have all been aimed at finding answers, not trying to cover his back. Rob can be quite a forceful character and one easy to flip, but he’s also too careless to murder anyone and not feel guilty about it afterwards. He was also otherwise occupied with Janine, now deceased, in the stables at the time, so he certainly had better things on his mind.


Eli is Cal’s brother and it’s obvious the two had a strong, albeit scrappy, relationship. Family means a lot to Eli, but that could be both his reason and his alibi. It seems that Cal was too important for Eli for him to do such a thing, but maybe he had intentions to stop Cal from running away.


James works on the family farm where the murder occurred. It was revealed half way through the series that James had a secret relationship with Cal and that they were planning to run away together. I think it’s safe to rule James out as he was busy getting their passports sorted at the time of the murder and the two of them had big plans for the future together, so he has no reason to be a suspect.


Annie is Glue’s Cassie. Every teen drama needs a loopy character who no one pays much attention to. But whilst she seemingly has no intentions to kill Cal or any real connection to him, she could be the one to get away with it without anybody suspecting her.

So who killed Cal?

It’s easy to put blame on the main cast, but there’s so many other characters it could be as well. There’s the whole Romany community to think about, as well as the police force. But it has to be one of the above characters to have an impact, really. The series has made us get to know these characters for a reason: so that when we find out who actually did it, we feel bad for falling for their lies.

My bet’s on either Annie or Tina, but who do you think did it and why?