11 Word Reviews: October 2014

As a regular contributor to 11 Word Review, this is a monthly post to archive all of the 11 word reviews of films that I have submitted throughout this month.

The Maze Runner – Excellent adventure, great young cast, but very different from the book.

Gone Girl – Fincher classic based on a tense book with lots of mystery.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Lots of nostalgia, a weak but funny script, overall pretty entertaining.

The Judge – A lovely drama about family with many heart warming, saddening moments.

Friday the 13th (1980) – Where it all began isn’t that tense, but real creepy ending.

Saw 6 – Franchise should have ended at 5, but it clears things up.

Urban Legends: The Final Cut – Doesn’t live up to setting, not as good as the first.

I Know What You Did Last Summer – A classic 90s teen slasher horror with a brilliant youthful cast.

The Thing (2011) – The special effects do nothing for this remake, just watch original.

Halloween (2007) – A great look into the making of the vicious Halloween killer.

Scream 4 – Same old story but with the same old scares and jumps.

Would You Rather – Premise has the promise of being gorier but goes far enough.

You’re Next – More of a thriller than a horror, original but predictable premise.

Khumba – Doesn’t start off promising but you find yourself rooting for Zhumba.

Knight and Day – Shouldn’t work but a guilty pleasure, Cruise and Diaz are great.

Prelude to a Kiss – An early ‘body switch’ premise with a young, 90s Meg Ryan.

Monsters vs Alien – Not one of DreamWorks best but the characters are pretty funny.

The Last Kiss – A brilliant romantic drama with real knowledge of life and relationships.

Charlotte Grey – Blanchett is incredible, but war drama could have been more emotional.

Elektra – A spin-off of superhero film Daredevil that’s just as bad.

Lost Highway – David Lynch fools you into believing that you know what’s happening.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – Lynch has some serious problems but they make such great films.

Kingdom of Heaven – An epic tale that’s lengthy but full of many memorable scenes.


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