11 Word Reviews: August 2014

As a regular contributor to 11 Word Review, this is a monthly post to archive all of the 11 word reviews of films that I have submitted throughout this month.



A surprisingly good thriller with decent twists and an excellent Willis.

Sleeping With the Enemy

You can’t help but love Julia Roberts in this tense drama.


Moretz is brilliant, the story’s original, and pacing keeps you interested.

Paradise Lost

Fairly boring despite its greusome premise, but alot of recognisable faces.

The Double

Ayoade’s brilliant style of film-making suits this dark comedy perfectly.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Technically marvellous, combining live film noir action and hilarious animated comedy.

Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton’s best film. Sweet and emotional but also creepily dark.

Marie Antoinette

Sofia Coppola tells somewhat mediocre story with such colour and personality.

The Wolfman

A poor werewolf film with very little to keep you interested.

Red State

Disappointing second half but not bad, the tension dies down somewhat.

Berberian Sound Studio

Not a lot goes on whilst the plot promises dark secrets.


A disturbing atmosphere lingers in the air but it’s very amateur.


Has its moments but not enough happens. Misses out on potential.

The Divide

Too much torture and violence when plot doesn’t call for it.

Water For Elephants

Fantastic actors, strong performances, good story, and a surprisingly enjoyable drama.

Terminator 2

Another classic early 90s sci-fi action, and a fantastic sequel.

New In Town

Not the cheesy rom-com you would expect from the poster.

Mission Impossible 2

Better than the first. Good action, humour, romance and character development.

The Motel Life</strong

Tries to be serious and bleak but it doesn’t come across.

28 Days Later

A zombie apocalypse at its best. Boyle handles the genre perfectly.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp at their gloomiest, goriest, and musical-est.

Titan A.E.

A fun animated sci-fi adventure that younger audiences will enjoy.

Inventing The Abbots

Generic plot but all star cast make for a decent drama.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Entertainingly outrageous, an energetic pace, buzzing from one extreme to another.


A brilliantly complex and clever mystery that Nolan slowly unravels backwards.

King Kong (1976)

oor special effects and action but better than the recent remake.

Black Pond

Brilliant filming style, but difficult to care about characters and story.

The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Brilliant opening few scenes. A decent and, at times, sexy thriller.

High Crimes

One of the weakest Ashley Judd crime thrillers with obvious twist.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Fun Greek mythology for younger generations, but weakened for everyone else.


Fun, gorey, and fantastic characters. One of the best zombie films.

– 8/10 – Confusing at times, but a powerful science fiction with hinted horror.

The American

A great fast-paced thriller, with George Clooney at his best.

Wedding Crashers

Great chemistry between Wilson and Vaughn, making this better than average.

Jack Reacher

Could have been an intense thriller if Reacher was cast better.


Food, family, and comedy mixed up. Yummy, heart-warming and funny.

Little Nicky

The days when Adam Sandler was funny… only in small doses.

The Holiday

A Christmas rom-com to enjoy all year. Lovely, likeable characters.

Guardians of The Galaxy
Marvel at its most fun. Great characters and alot of laughs.


Better than expected. Like Gladiator with Jon Snow and a volcano.

The Book of Eli

A desperate and powerful dystopia with a twist you won’t SEE.


A weird, lackluster sex drama that goes where you’d never expect.

Girl Most Likely

Kristen Wiig provides awkward comedy in decent drama about growing up.

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