As a regular contributor to 11 Word Review, this is a monthly post to archive all of the 11 word reviews of films that I have submitted throughout this month.

Hostage – A surprisingly good thriller with decent twists and an excellent Willis.

Sleeping With the Enemy – You can’t help but love Julia Roberts in this tense drama.

Hick – Moretz is brilliant, the story’s original, and pacing keeps you interested.

Paradise Lost – Fairly boring despite its greusome premise, but alot of recognisable faces.

The Double – Ayoade’s brilliant style of film-making suits this dark comedy perfectly.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Technically marvellous, combining live film noir action and hilarious animated comedy.

Edward Scissorhands – Tim Burton’s best film. Sweet and emotional but also creepily dark.

Marie Antoinette – Sofia Coppola tells somewhat mediocre story with such colour and personality.

The Wolfman – A poor werewolf film with very little to keep you interested.

Red State – Disappointing second half but not bad, the tension dies down somewhat.

Berberian Sound Studio – Not a lot goes on whilst the plot promises dark secrets.

Absentia – A disturbing atmosphere lingers in the air but it’s very amateur.

Devil – Has its moments but not enough happens. Misses out on potential.

The Divide – Too much torture and violence when plot doesn’t call for it.

Water For Elephants – Fantastic actors, strong performances, good story, and a surprisingly enjoyable drama.

Terminator 2 – Another classic early 90s sci-fi action, and a fantastic sequel.

New In Town – Not the cheesy rom-com you would expect from the poster.

Mission Impossible 2 – Better than the first. Good action, humour, romance and character development.

The Motel Life – Tries to be serious and bleak but it doesn’t come across.

28 Days Later – A zombie apocalypse at its best. Boyle handles the genre perfectly.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – Tim Burton and Johnny Depp at their gloomiest, goriest, and musical-est.

Titan A.E. – A fun animated sci-fi adventure that younger audiences will enjoy.

Inventing The Abbots – Generic plot but all star cast make for a decent drama.

The Wolf of Wall Street – Entertainingly outrageous, an energetic pace, buzzing from one extreme to another.

Memento – A brilliantly complex and clever mystery that Nolan slowly unravels backwards.

King Kong (1976) – Poor special effects and action but better than the recent remake.

Black Pond – Brilliant filming style, but difficult to care about characters and story.

The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) – Brilliant opening few scenes. A decent and, at times, sexy thriller.

High Crimes – One of the weakest Ashley Judd crime thrillers with obvious twist.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – Fun Greek mythology for younger generations, but weakened for everyone else.

Zombieland – Fun, gorey, and fantastic characters. One of the best zombie films.

Sunshine – Confusing at times, but a powerful science fiction with hinted horror.

The American – A great fast-paced thriller, with George Clooney at his best.

Wedding Crashers – Great chemistry between Wilson and Vaughn, making this better than average.

Jack Reacher – Could have been an intense thriller if Reacher was cast better.

Chef – Food, family, and comedy mixed up. Yummy, heart-warming and funny.

Little Nicky – The days when Adam Sandler was funny… only in small doses.

The Holiday – A Christmas rom-com to enjoy all year. Lovely, likeable characters.

Guardians of The Galaxy – Marvel at its most fun. Great characters and a lot of laughs.

Pompeii – Better than expected. Like Gladiator with Jon Snow and a volcano.

The Book of Eli – A desperate and powerful dystopia with a twist you won’t SEE.

Kaboom – A weird, lacklustre sex drama that goes where you’d never expect.

Girl Most Likely – Kristen Wiig provides awkward comedy in decent drama about growing up.