There are just 11 days left to have your say in Vue’s competition to find the greatest cinematic heroes and villains of 2014 so far. Choose your favourite from the options given to be entered into a prize draw to win a £25 Vue gift card, and help make the ultimate decision by returning every few days.

The competition ends on 21st August. Will the winner be from the from the side of good… or the dark side?

“From Emmet in The Lego Movie to those Guardians of the Galaxy, heroes come in all shapes and sizes at the movies. And what about those villains we love to hate? Teddy Sanders was a really Bad Neighbour – and don’t get us started on what Mount Vesuvius got up to in Pompeii…”

Vue have picked 32 goodies and baddies from this year and want to know who your favourite movie heroes and villains from this year’s cinema so far.

Click the image below to check out their interactive app and to get involved.