11 Word Reviews: July 2014

As a regular contributor to 11 Word Review, this is a monthly post to archive all of the 11 word reviews of films that I have submitted throughout this month.



Von Trier’s usually boringly pretentious but Nymphomaniac’s a bleak, powerful drama.


An excellent, ominous dystopia, Joon-ho Bong handles science fiction genre perfectly.

Sharknado 2

Not even so bad it’s good like the first, just bad.

One Fine Day

Remember when rom-com’s were once good? Clooney and Pfiefer do.


An intense and puzzling true crime thriller, Fincher at his best.

The Tourist

The most obvious and least thrilling thriller. Dammit Depp and Jolie.

Jennifer’s Body

Tries to be ‘cool’ and sexy, but it’s a bad horror.

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