Norton by Symantec, an American technology company specialising in security, storage, backup and availability software, have created an exciting digital infographic titled, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hacking”. Based on the cult series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the infographic, which can be viewed in full here, explains the history and dangers of hacking, and provides users with useful advice on how to stay protected against hackers.

“It seems barely a week goes by where a hacking scandal isn’t hitting the headlines, often leaving some major corporation red-faced, with its customers personal details strewn across the web and beyond.”

The infographic is a fantastic guide on how to help users understand the basics of hacking, looking into the history of it, giving examples of some of the biggest cases – both in fantasy by using examples that have previously been featured in games and film, such as The Matrix and Weird Science, and in real life cases including incidents involving the News of The World, Playstation, and the Syrian Electronic Army – as well as more common hacks including phishing, pharming, phowning, fake applications on mobiles and devices, and trojans.

I’m sure many of these words sound familiar, but this guide has been put together to help you understand the basics of hacking, in hope of making users feel more confident online, equipping them with the knowledge to navigate the web and avoid the scourge of the modern day cyber thief.

“Hacking can affect anyone and everyone, and there are various levels of severity.

Finally, the infographic gives a number of tips on how to outsmart the hackers – something that we should all read up about considering the amount of private information the likes of social media and online shopping can retrieve from us online. But Norton encourage you not to panic, and with their guide you will know how to recognise hackers and how to avoid getting caught out.