Time Travel in Film & TV: Who’s Our Favourite Companion? And What’s Our Favourite Form of Travel?

The Watch Shop, a leading online retailer of watches and the UK’s most visited watch website, have created an excellent infographic after carrying out a survey with 2000 UK science-fiction fans to find out our thoughts about the use of time travel in TV and film.

Looking at some of the most iconic time-travel based movies and series of all time, including Dr. Who, Back To The Future, the recent X-Men film (which you can read my review for here) Harry Potter, and Star Trek, the survey provides some interesting results, including the nation’s favourite time travel series/film, the best form of travel, and the UK’s most favourable time travel companion.

Carry on reading to find out some of the biggest results or, alternatively, you can click the image below to view a really cool infographic showing the different time periods travelled to in some of the aforementioned films and series.

Here are some of the results:

• The nation’s favourite time travel related series/film is ‘Back to the future’ with 22.25% of the vote, closely followed by ‘Dr Who’ (20.4%)

• With 33.65% of the vote, The Tardis form Dr Who is the UK’s favourite form of time travel. Second favourite was Delorian from Back to the future (29.2%) followed by the Time Turner used in the third Harry Potter film (10.5%).

• The majority (28.9%) of respondents thought that Dr Who would make the best time travel companion. Hermione Granger was the next most popular (12.5%) closely followed by Star Trek’s Spock (12.2%).

• Sci-Fi fans favourite Time Lord in Dr Who is David Tennant (3285%) followed by Tom Baker (12.25%) and Christopher Eccleston (9.25%). The least popular Time Lord was Patrick Troughton (1.3%).

• Unlike popular cult movies, Star Wars has never featured time travel. Our results show that 47.45% of Sci-Fi fans do not think that it should be added into the storyline of the upcoming Star Wars 7 film. 32.1% said that they ‘don’t know’ and 20.45% thought that it should be added into the storyline.

• 44.15% of Sci-Fi fans believe that Time Travel is not possible and won’t be in the future, but if it was possible then the decade that most people would like to go back to is the 1960’s (28.2%). When asked “If time travel was possible, which period of your life would you most likely travel too?” the majority (39.3%) of people answered with “Teenage Years”.


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