Day 11: Flight to Copenhagen

Whilst we said goodbye to Sweden today, we will be visiting some of South Sweden whilst we are in Denmark, so today we made our way to Copenhagen. The flight took around 70 mins and the train from Uppsala to the airport was free with our passes (I don’t think many companies understand them very well as we were told that the airport shuffle included a 75 SEK surcharge which was nice to get away without paying).

From Copenhagen we got on another free train to the city central station, but from that point on we had a bit of a ‘mare. Danish transport, or at least in Copenhagen, is incredibly confusing. We knew we had to get a bus, but their ticketing system, zone layout and destination points etc. were all too much too take in at once. Fortunately everybody was so kind to us and we’re so fortunate that foreign countries all speak English well, because the most I know is “I want head” in Russian and would be utterly useless if nobody knew our language. It makes your feel really ignorant too be honest, but a Swedish man at the bar the other night told me that they don’t mind too much.

Anyway… we was given a 10 stamp ticket for the zones we needed, which meant we could travel to and from our town to the centre for the next two days without hassle, and that you could get on any ten bus journeys and stamp it on board. Turns out you can just get on the bus and pay 24dk a time, but our ticket turned out to be cheaper in the long run which was handy. The buses also have a screen which tells you what the next stop is so it’s really easy to know where you’re going and where to get off. It just takes a little getting used to, and it’s something you should read up on before of you were to ever visit the centre yourself.

We were, however, directed to the metro for our first journey, which the ticket was valid for too, but in rush hour it was a complete nightmare. Turns out Danish people really like to ride their bicycles so we were crammed by them on board too. It was horrible. It was the first time I felt like a useless tourist who knew nothing about the city we were visiting.

It doesn’t help that we had no chance of saying any of their language correctly either; their pronunciations are very hard to get your tongue around. We were heading to a town called Rodovre to find our apartment, but it is pronounced something like Rohrl-doh-reh. God knows. We still can’t figure it out. But we got there in the end.

After having a quick snack in the apartment…


…we had a little walk around…






…and later went for a drink in Copenhagen centre.





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