Day 9: Stockholm

We had quite a relaxing day in Stockholm today, as we spent it shopping and getting drunk. Why not?!

In the early afternoon we headed into central Stockholm to spend a few hours shopping. I treated myself to an Authentic Scandinavian watch for 995 SEK, but it was half price so it was around £50. And then I bought a shirt and a top for 60 SEK altogether – about £6 – bargain!


Whilst wandering we found another pretty church too.


We didn’t do much else this afternoon, so instead we thought we’d head out early evening and find somewhere to have a drink. After an hour of trying to find somewhere (All of Sweden’s alcohol shops are state owned and it seems like there aren’t many places for drinking other than restaurants) we ended up in central Stockholm. We found a pub called Anchor which was the only one filled with a youngish crowd, though I turned out to be the local mosher hang out. But it was a nice place to drink, and one of the waitresses was kind and helped us choose a cheap drink. A couple of drinks in, a couple of guys asked to join our table. Turns out one of them was from Camborne in Cornwall, and they both knew the town we all lived in before we left for Scandinavia. The second guy was from Scotland and Norway and he worked for the British Embassy, so he had some interesting stories to tell and it was nice to meet some other English people. They also bought all of our drinks, which was a bonus, and later took us to an English bar for some more.

We went to the next bar in a “non taxi”, people who pretend to be taxis but drive their own cars out of business and for a lot cheaper, which are apparently quite normal in Sweden. Sounds dodgy, but my friend made it clear that if he took us down any dark alleys that she would kill him, haha. The English bar was empty but the English staff were friendly, and our new friends carried on buying us drinks (one constantly bragged that he earned £15 grand a month so he can obviously afford to!). Unfortunately both of them turned out to be odd/just a bit of a nob in the last few minutes of the night which was a shame, but it was a good evening nonetheless. Being left in the English bar, the bar attendant gave as a few shots of Jack Daniels Honey whiskey and off we stumbled to find our way home. It was an interesting night for sure.


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