Day 1: Flight to Helsinki

Today I begin my travels around Scandinavia. We left Bristol at 5am and headed to London for our 9.40am flight to Helsinki from Gatwick airport. With a minor delay of 45 minutes, we were soon on our way!

The flight took just over 2 hours, but we couldn’t see anything for the whole journey apart from clouds, so I made time for a quick pre Finland snooze.

When the pilot announced that we were now descending into Helsinki, we peered out of the window ready to catch a glimpse of some of the beautiful sights that we would be seeing over the next week. But oh no. Clouds… still clouds… Oh. Wait. That’s snow! Helsinki was a sheet of white from above.

After a 30 minute bus trip into the centre, we had a little walk around, found our apartment (we’ve booked rooms in local residents’ apartments on a website called Airbnb, very handy and cheap if you’re looking for somewhere quirky/unique/friendly to stay for a few days!), and then grabbed a quick coffee.

After meeting another friend at the central railway station (there’s 3 of us altogether!) we went to a local supermarket to buy a few things to make cheap meals with over the next few days (mainly cheese and pasta!), and headed back for a drink and a catch up.

Tomorrow we will make our way around Helsinki properly.


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