Preparations for travelling

Not long now until I begin my travels to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. With two days to go, my rucksack is packed! I’m worrying about it being too full but also too empty at the same time!

Here’s a list of what it’s filled with:

– 2 x thermal sets
– 5 x long sleeve tops
– 3 x thin jumpers
– 3 x thick jumpers

– 10 x pants and socks
– 3 x thick socks
– 2 x thick leggings
– 2 x jeans
– Waterproof trousers
– Fleece pyjamas
– Bikini (for the Blue Lagoon!)
– Travel towel
– Bathroom items and make-up (the minimals)
– First aid kit
– Noodles, cup a soups, and cereal bars
– Chargers, spare batteries, and travel adapters

Hand luggage:
– Windproof and waterproof coat
– Hat, gloves, and scarf
– Bum bag for money, passport, and documents
– Tablet, camera, and mobile

My hand luggage is only for the plane, as the weather says it’s going to be snowing when we arrive in Helsinki on Monday afternoon, so we need to be prepared for the worst of it as soon as we step into Finland.

It’s hard to plan a trip with such freezing and unpredictable weather as I can’t simply take a few changes of thin t-shirts which is a shame! Instead I will be lugging a rucksack full of clothes prepared for the -20 degrees temperatures we could be facing! Brrrr.


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