“What if we only live inside of our dreams?”

From director Juan Diego Escobar, Live Life Dearest follows a man who finds he is incapable of feeling anything but nostalgia, as he discovers he is nothing but a young women’s dream and he is recreating her thoughts. This fictional compilation uses home videos — the vast majority in SUPER 8 — to portray a journey through various stages of life, ranging from the loss of innocence to the death of a loved one, through pain, loss, love and shattered dreams, deeply questioning what its like to be a human.

As the crew of the film describe it themselves, Live Life Dearest is “always with a poetic and thoughtful tone, which makes the film become a therapy that seeks to raise awareness in the senses.” This tone is incredibly therapeutic and, much like the poetic dialogue, this dream-like state takes over you very early on. Talk of art, poetry, and the philosophy of life is combined with beautiful imagery; it’s a very visionary short at the same time, with the use of home videos and personal films bringing together different relationships and friendships, building up other people’s memories, memories that are real, that give a real heart-warming sense of nostalgia.

As the sounds of waves and a piano play in the background, all of your senses really are drawn in to it. With good editing yet sometimes off-putting effects, the footage is well shot and the narration is so beautiful and transfixing that I could listen and read the words over and over again.

For more information about the movie, visit http://www.livelifedearestthemovie.com/