Directed by Jake Schreier, Robot & Frank is set in the near future as it follows Frank, (Frank Langella) an ex-jewel thief whose grown-up kids are concerned he can no longer live alone. Not wanting to put their father in a retirement home, Frank soon receives a gift from his son: a walking, talking humanoid robot butler programmed to improve his physical and mental health. It’s not long before the two companions try their luck as a heist team, however.

As a directorial debut from Schreier, Robot & Frank is an outstanding effort, and almost faultless in its construction. The pacing and tone are both handled perfectly. From the premise alone it’s obvious that Robot & Frank is going to be a very sweet film – an old man and a robot making friends, what’s not to love about that? On actually viewing, however, it is so much deeper.

Frank Langella plays a lovable yet manipulative old man, as he and the robot form an unlikely friendship that is both endearing and humorous. Langella’s gives an excellent performance, and James Marsden, Liv Tyler, and Susan Sarandon give enjoyable supporting roles, as well.

Robot & Frank was released on DVD on 15th July.