EP Review: Shooting Stansfield – We Know Not What We Do

‘Fans of Frightened Rabbit would be urged to check out this up and coming act’ – Peenko

4-piece Edinburgh-based indie folk band Shooting Stansfield are releasing their forthcoming EP, We Know Not What We Do, in June. With influences including the likes of Frightened Rabbit, Bright Eyes and The National, and recorded on the banks of Loch Fyne in Argyll, Scotland, over 5 days, their raw and stomping folk rhythms layered against the band’s talented song-writing will undeniably have you singing along in seconds. With a focus on the themes of transition, time, life and beyond, their melodic EP is consistent with the bandʼs drive for creating meaning.

Beginning with Blue Turns Black, the influences of Frightened Rabbit become obvious straight away; not only in sound, but also in the EP’s consistently purposeful and deeply meaningful lyrical narrative – “But I can’t stand for losing you, while you can’t stand for losing anyone.” The EP’s title We Know Not What We Do will certainly be playing over and over in your head after a single listen, opening up the EP brilliantly.

The band’s first single, Greater or Lesser, follows, demonstrating the band’s desired layered sound. Again focusing on the theme of change, this rousing melody is a cacophony of instruments immersed in even more beautiful lyrics.

The following track, Satellites, then shows the influences of Biffy Clyro and really showcases lead singer Stewart Douglas. His lovely and deep vocals along with the song’s folky acoustics echo throughout the EP, and transition into Sign of the Times seamlessly.

Much in the same way, There Are No Greater Truths, follows with yet another catchy riff from lead guitarist Stephen Whipp, as the EP comes to an end with State of Mind, which, at only 1 minute long, shows off the talents of bass player Craig Robertson and drummer David Steel, too.

The EP comes together brilliantly, highlighting an excellent combination of talents that really make Shooting Stansfield one to keep an eye on.

Set to launch at Sneaky Peteʼs in Edinburgh, We Know Not What We Do will be released on Friday 7th June, 2013, and you can listen/download the EP here.

With a debut album in the making and plans for a release and tour towards the end of the year, the upcoming 12 months look set to be an important year for Shooting Stansfield, so good luck to you all.


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