My Letterboxd account documents what films I am watching, usually films for the first time but occasionally a film I haven’t logged before.

Here’s a summary of the films I have watched this month, including a rating and short review for each.

This April I have watched 3 films:

Here’s what I thought of them:

The Avengers

“Incredible. Some of the best CGI and 3D I have seen that only enhances the action scenes rather than blurs them. Hilarious script written by Whedon whilst still avoiding being a comedy. Great chemistry between the cast and their characters are really well developed. Just amazing.”

The Cabin In The Woods

“I was really looking forward to this film but it didn’t live up at all. It seemed to be taking the piss out of shit horror movies so much that it became one. Amazing final few scenes though. On a second viewing I like it a little more, but I still feel that it spends too much time on the ‘scary movie’ plot with characters we are not supposed to care about, when it could very easily just kill them off and spend more time focusing on the people behind it all.”

Mirror Mirror

“Nothing special but then it wasn’t boring or over-done either. It tried to be funny but it’s only really good for being a family film. None of the performances particularly stood out either, so it’s hard to compliment much.”