My Letterboxd account documents what films I am watching, usually films for the first time but occasionally a film I haven’t logged before.

Here’s a summary of the films I have watched this month, including a rating and short review for each.

This March I have watched 11 films:

Here’s what I thought of them:

Wrath Of The Titans

“I would have to say that this is a lot worse than its predecessor. There’s no fear towards the supposed end of the world, and the titans are far from monstrous. I thought this film would have been worth the watch for the CGI, but it wasn’t. You didn’t get to see much of the titans that the film promoted so much so it all seemed rather irrelevant.”

21 Jump Street

“Hill and Tatum make a very good duo. The film is funny and doesn’t fall to the normal comedy clichés, so for that reason it is better than average. But I’m going to have to re-watch this one I think because I just didn’t see what all the hype was about.”

The Hunger Games

“Great adaptation, worked really well on screen and Ross managed to capture Collin’s dystopian world incredibly. Solid performances, Lawrence was superb and everybody fit their parts really well. Loved it. My one hate would be that the romance between Peeta and Katniss was played out horribly on screen. It needed to be emphasised more that she was doing it all for the cameras and that she was always longing for Gale back home. Apart from that, no complaints.”

The Ides Of March

“Great debut for Clooney. Really well put together, interesting and unpredictable story line, and as always Gosling is amazing. Very enjoyable.”

My Week With Marilyn

“This is now one of my favourite films; a brilliant story that reveals so much about Marilyn’s true self. Williams is superb and her relationship with Colin Clarke is performed solidly. It’s not exactly a sad film but by the end I teared up, so bravo Simon Curtis.”

This Means War

“A great light-hearted rom-com, one that you could probably drag your boyfriend along to and he wouldn’t hate it. Nice mixture of action and romance with some genuine comedy too; I laughed quite a lot. An odd role for both Hardy and Pine so hard for them to excel, but it seemed to work.”

John Carter

“Bad. Just bad. But better on a second viewing.”

Into The Wild

“Great real life drama, a little depressing but a heart-felt tale of a real man’s life that provokes a lot of respect and admiration. A brilliant role for Emile Hirsch and he provokes some real emotion.”

Shutter Island

“Absolutely brilliant. Really engaging and a great cast, especially love Michelle Williams’ part and DiCaprio is, of course, incredible.. There are some really stunning scenes and parts that you need to double take, as on a second viewing you will appreciate it so much more. It has a dark yet brilliant story line that is played out really well all the way through, and the twist is truly incredible. That last line – whilst not in the book – is brilliant too, and really gets you thinking about a deeper meaning.”


“A great Fincher film with a disgusting yet brilliant story line, but there wasn’t nearly enough gore – I wanted to see the contents of that box! Freeman and Pitt are a great combo though, and the film was very interesting.”

Source Code

“Found myself really enjoying this film. A great plot that it is really well told, with an interesting idea behind it and a surprisingly sad ending. By the end of it I wanted to watch it again already.”