Letterboxd Reviews: January 2012

My Letterboxd account documents what films I am watching, usually films for the first time but occasionally a film I haven’t logged before.

Here’s a summary of the films I have watched this month, including a rating and short review for each.

This January I have watched 9 films:

Here’s what I thought of them:

Quantum of Solace

“I think it’s safe to say I will never like a James Bond film, they just don’t interest me.”


“A really great film. It is raunchy yet deeply informed, and deals with its subject matter brilliantly. Fassbender is beautiful and gives such a strong (get it?) performance. Mulligan, too, is brilliant. Their chemistry is amazing and because of them its easy to really engage with what’s happening.”

Like Crazy

“Didn’t like this at all really. I guess I didn’t fully understand it, as I got the feeling these characters hated each other rather than being madly in love. The film spends too much time depicting their fall out and not enough time laying the foundations of their relationship, so it was therefore impossible to feel any emotional connection towards them, which ultimately meant that I just did not care. Was impressed by the fully improvised script at first but this is probably one of the main reasons as to its downfall. Too whiney.”

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

“Absolutely love this film. Despite how depressing its premise is, it’s something many of us have thought about. Because of this it has so much to relate to, in some respects at least, which makes it truly encapsulating. Both Carrey and Winslet are brilliant, and I especially enjoy the scenes where Carrey’s character is trying to control his dreams. A superb job by Michel Gondry and the writers for one of my favourite films.”

The Green Mile

“It’s easy to forget how bloody long this film is, but nonetheless it is a very interesting film that keeps you enticed until the very end. I enjoy the combination of looking back at a historical form of punishment but also merging slightly on fantasy. It is pretty dark in places but that gives it a powerful edge.”

Remember Me

“A heartwarming yet heartbreaking tale with an extraordinary twist at the end that holds so much meaning. Extremely compelling.”

Water For Elephants

“I was very surprised by this film, in a good way. I really enjoyed the actors – Pattinson is great in the lead and his chemistry with Witherspoon is brilliant, but it is Waltz that stands out the most giving a very strong performance, as always. The story line is great due to the original book, and it is genuinely very enjoyable.”

The Descendants

“Not as good as I was expecting it to be but it’s still a very good film. The story line is very relatable and heart-felt, and the actors – especially those playing the two young daughters – give excellent performances. A really great role for Clooney and a lovely film overall.”

The Sitter

“An average comedy that is very cliché and therefore falls to the many presumable plotholes. None of the performances are brilliant – not even Hill manages to pull this one out of the mud – but it does make you laugh a little bit. It’s just far too unrealistic and immature to be anything worth remembering.”


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