First Trailer for Season 6 of British Series ‘Skins’

(Written for BritScene)

The new year means a new year of college for the cast of British teen-drama, Skins, with the release of the first trailer for the series’ sixth season.

Skins, created by father and son television writers Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, first aired in the UK in January 2007. The series portrays the lives of a group of teenagers living in Bristol, aged 16-18, during their two years in sixth form. Using comic exaggerations, the film deals with the many issues that teenagers are faced with such as family problems, sexuality, drugs, teen pregnancy, eating disorders and relationships.

The cast on the program changes every two series, and uses actors the same age as their characters to help the audience relate to the show better. The trailer for this latest series reunites us with the third generation cast, who we first met in series five, which includes Franky (Dakota Blue Richards), Alo (Will Merrick), Rich (Alexander Arnold), Mini (Freya Mavor), Liv (Laya Lewis), Grace (Jessica Sula), Nick (Sean Teale) and Matty (Sebastian De Souza).

The series will open with the gang on holiday in Morocco for two weeks before term stars, and also introduces a new character, Alex, played by Sam Jackson. But as E4 have commented, the holiday “turns into a living hell” and that “by the time they arrive back to Bristol everything has changed forever. Friendships fall apart while complicated and toxic relationships begin. And there are strangers in the mix who could either save or destroy them.”

As if we expected anything to go right for the drug-taking, party-heavy cast though. The series seems to be losing its purpose as it begins away from college life, so be sure to expect a lot more partying than real-life circumstances. Still, maybe dealing with a teen holiday will bring about some important issues as well, but we will have to see.

The first 5 seasons are already available on Netflix, and I would highly recommend watching the first two of them, at least, if you haven’t already. Season 6, which will be released on E4 in the UK on 23rd January, should hopefully be available in the US soon. Until then, here’s the new trailer:


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