Ricky Gervais Pilots New Old Folks’ Comedy

(Written for BritScene)

Ricky Gervais’ latest comedy series Life’s Too Short has only just begun airing in the UK, but the British comedian is already moving forward with his next project. According to reports, Gervias has been busy filming a pilot for a new show which will be set in an old peoples’ home. If the rumors swirling around the internet are true, Gervais may have persuading movie legend Sean Connery to come out of retirement to play his on-screen friend.

Charlie Hanson – producer of Extras, Life’s Too Short, and Cemetery Junction – revealed earlier this month that Gervais was about to start work on a secret new Channel 4 project, and told the Cofilmic comedy film conference in Manchester that, “It may well change yet. Ricky will be in it and be one of the main people, with a couple of others.”

The show apparently revolves around Gervais’ character Derek Noakes, a mentally challenged aspiring comedian who still lives with his mum and loves animals. It will also star Gervais’ round-headed sidekick Karl Pilkington in his first proper acting role and actor David Earl, who is known for his comedy character Brian Gittins. The three worked together in Cemetery Junction last year which Gervais wrote and directed, Earl starred in and Pilkington made a small appearance in.

Gervais has been dropping hints about the show on his blog and on Twitter, but whilst he hasn’t giving any more detail away, he has shown off a photograph of Pilkington in character, which you can above.

He wrote: “Finished filming the little pilot with Karl today. We both had the best time ever. He really got a buzz out of acting. He was playing a complete weirdo div useless miserable bald-headed Manc twat. He nailed it,” and in a separate tweet added, “Couldn’t get through a scene with David Earl being a letch and Karl as a celibate…”I’m not bothered” Everyone corpsing, every take.”

It has also been reported that Sean Connery is set to star in the show, with a source telling The Sun: “They’re filming a pilot in London. It’s early days but it looks brilliant…Ricky is in charge of the project and plays a man called Derek, living in an old people’s home, while Sean has been asked to play his elderly mate in the home.”

Whilst we don’t know anything more, Gervais is thought to be keen to get his new show off the ground because his current comedy series, Life’s Too Short, is reportedly struggling to get ‘great’ viewing figures after a lot of controversy. The series, which stars dwarf actor Warwick Davis as a fictionalised version of himself, will arrive in the US on HBO sometime next year.

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      1. Ah amazing. The Extras Christmas special doesn’t get a lot of attention but I think it’s brilliant. I think I’ve convinced some friends to have an Extras marathon soon as well. Extreme procrastination.

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