(Written for HeyUGuys)

A new trailer for Eddie Murphy‘s latest film, A Thousand Words, has been released this week.

Directed by Brian Robbins, the film finished filming and was ready to be released over a year ago. The trailer has only just been made available though, but at least that gets the ball finally rolling.

The film follows talkative agent Jack (Eddie Murphy) who uses his insincere patter as his chief weapon, to assistant Aaron’s (Clark Duke) demise. His irritating non-stop talk even begins to threaten his marriage to wife Caroline (Kerry Washington).

However, the worst is yet to come. When his mouth gets him into trouble with guru and author Dr Sinja (Cliff Curtis), Sinja plants a magical Bodhi tree which sheds one leaf for each word Jack speaks. After one thousand words, Jack will die.

Of course, things shouldn’t reach that point and as the trailer shows, the use of really bad sign language should help him along the way. It actually looks quite funny, even after we’ve had to wait so long to see these few minutes.

Originally scheduled to be released in January, Paramount has pushed the release date until after the Oscars. But of course, Murphy has now withdrawn as host so the release date is still subject to change.

For now, the film is set to be released on 6th April, 2012.