Jessica Chastain to play Princess Diana

(Written for BritScene)

American actress Jessica Chastain has this week been confirmed to play Princess Diana in a biopic billed as a “love story between a princess locked in a tower and an ordinary man.”

Caught In Flight tells the alleged story of the Princess of Wales’ secret two-year romance with a Pakistani heart surgeon, Hasnat Khan. The movie will open up a side of the princess’ life that we don’t often hear about, revolving around the man who was said to be the love of her life.

According to reports, Diana met Khan in 1995 at Royal Brompton Hospital when visiting a friend. The two were allegedly together for two years, with reports saying that things got so serious that Diana met his parents on a visit to Pakistan. Some reports even claim that she even thought about converting to Islam for him. The movie will portray the relationship by looking at Khan’s decision to leave England, which left Princess Diana distraught.

Chastain may be an unexpected choice to play Diana, mainly raising the risk of an American actress playing an admired British figure, but there’s no denying Chastain’s success over the past year. Starting out with small roles in TV series ER and Veronica Mars, she has since burst onto our cinema screens this year with films including a role opposite Brad Pitt in The Tree of Life, in one of the summer’s biggest hits, The Help, and playing a young version of Helen Mirren in The Debt. Her role as Princess Diana will be her biggest yet though, but she has certainly shown diversity and capability with her achievements this year.

Caught in Flight, which will be directed by German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall), will go into pre-production in March 2012 and will be filmed in Pakistan, Angola and France.


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