‘Frozen Planet’ Coming To The US In Early 2012

(Written for BritScene)

David Attenborough‘s latest nature documentary, Frozen Planet, will be heading to the Discovery Channel in Spring 2012. But if you can’t wait until then, we have put together a gallery of images and found some clips that are sure to get you excited for this extraordinary series.

Filmed by BBC’s Natural History Unit and from the makers of The Blue Planet (2001) and Planet Earth (2006), Frozen Planet is a seven-part series focusing on life in the Arctic and Antarctic.

I have been lucky enough to see the first two episodes of the documentary, which is currently being aired on BBC One in the UK. The show is proving to be a huge success, with the second episode alone reaching 7.9 million viewers this week; and this is just a small indication to how brilliant this series is.

From the lengths a polar bear has to go to in order to find a female mate, the teamwork of a pod of killer whales to catch their next dinner, and the scary wind speeds that male penguins have to face when waiting for their female partners to arrive, there is so much to learn about these enormous yet fascinating icy regions.

But of course, the poles aren’t just filled with penguins and polar bears. We see plenty of other captivating creatures as well, including a jellyfish that flashes bright colors of light, a translucent snail, and more well-known animals such as the albatross, the arctic wolves and all kinds of whales. The scariest for me was the elephant seals who fight furious battles over the females on the beach. These fat lumps of blubber looked more like fictional monsters than a close relative of the sea lion.

We also get to see some truly stunning footage of the Arctic’s and Antarctic’s icy landforms, such as glaciers and ice shelves, and the unbelievable transformation that the sea ice goes through from winter to spring. It really does make you feel small when you learn about the gigantic events that happen at these polar ends every year.

If this hasn’t already got you wanting more, click here for more image stills from the program, including a peek at one of the camera team members at work and one of the funnier scenes when a penguin waddles his hardest to escape a sea lion. We have also dug up a couple of funny clips titled ‘Criminal Penguins’, first watch the original from the Discovery channel then check out the spoof version which was shown on the Jimmy Kimmel show earlier this week.


2 thoughts on “‘Frozen Planet’ Coming To The US In Early 2012

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  1. Absolutely an awesome series – we’ve seen them all !

    Hope you get to enjoy and appreciate the beauty and majesty of creation as much as we have over here in the UK.


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