(Written for BritScene)

The first clip for Retreat has been released this week, emphasising the sheer psychological intensity of Carl Tibbetts‘ directorial debut.

The clip places Cillian Murphy (The Dark Knight) and Thandie Newton (2012) in the middle of a highly tense situation with Jamie Bell (Jumper), a washed up stranger, pointing a gun at the couple’s heads, threatening that they have lost any chance of escaping.

With the knowledge of an airborne virus lurking outside their holiday home on the remote Blackholme Island and only the company of a violent psychopath, how will they survive their terrifying predicament when nobody is around to hear their cries for help?

Set on a scenic, albeit misty, island in Scotland, this British thriller is set to be released in the US on 21st October, and in the UK on 14th October.

The clip can be seen here and the trailer below.