Will Final Destination Ever End?

The release of Final Destination 5 last week set itself up for being the final film in the Final Destination series.

After five instalments, and nearly 12 years of filming them, MovieInsider have now included Final Destination 6 and 7 to their ‘Concept’ page; a list of films that a studio, director, producer or talent has at some point publicly mentioned, creating the possibility of them being in production or of going into production in the distant future.

Here’s what they say:

Final Destination 6 – The sixth movie of the horror franchise in which death hunts down those who have cheated death. No plot details are known.

Final Destination 7 – The seventh part of the horror series, which will apparently be shoot at the same time as the sixth movie. No further details are known.”

Although Final Destination 5 created a loop between the series of films and ended with a montage of its best death scenes, implying a hopeful end to the series, the film also opened up the possibility of another sequel by placing itself in a time frame of the other films and mentioning that, ‘this isn’t the first time this has happened’.

But when will it end? MovieInsider’s Concept page is only rumour and speculation towards the production of these films, but Final Destination is predominantly a series that could never end.

Come on, death. Fall tired of chasing these teenagers to their demise.

Give them, and us, a break.


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