Billboard is the second film from director Jamie Patterson; a dark, twisted tale of two young suicidal characters who, through a series of unfortunate events, come together for one crazy night. It is a violent yet sexy twist on your average romantic comedy and is due for release on 30th July 2011.

Filmed over eight days in Brighton during June 2009, Billboard stars Joe Rainbow, Anna Cox, Bruce Lawrence, Kieron James, Chris Willoughby and Lucy Griffiths (BBC’S Maid Marian).

Billboard is pushing new boundaries for Patterson. He says: ‘Billboard has a much bigger cast and crew [then his charmingly indie debut, Swimming in Circles] but it still has the low-budget potential to be more creative and think outside the box.’

With a budget of just £3,000 Billboard aims to prove that it doesn’t take millions to produce a good film, and hopes to inspire other filmmakers to follow their dreams.

The film is produced by the production company Jump Start Produtions, which is run by James and co-owner Nathalie Holman who is also the film’s producer. The film is then self distribute through their online distribution company Jump Start Distributions.

It will be available to buy on DVD as well as to download. It will be exclusively available through Jump Start Distributions and will also be able to buy the film from a select number of shops in and around Brighton.

For more information, you can view the Facebook for Billboard and also watch the trailer for Patterson’s first feature film.