(This was researched for my work placement at Stranger Collective for an article which was published on Coca Cola’s Live Positively Collective.)

Did you know that we waste six litres of water whilst only using one of them every time we wash our hands?

Last week we saw how salt water could soon be used as a source of power, this week we’ve found a tap that conserves water all by itself. That will come handy when we’ll be needing it to power our houses.

This 1 Liter Limited Tap allows only a single litre of water to be released at a time – that’s enough water to wash your face as well as your hands in the morning.

This modernly designed faucet stores one litre of water in its inverted glass tube, which is released when the lever of the tap is opened. When the lever is closer, the tube fills itself back up for its next use.

It may be a little oddly shaped, but what’s more encouraging than incorporating a bit of eco friendly behaviour into your daily routine?