(This was researched for my work placement at Stranger Collective for an article published on Coca Cola’s Live Positively Collective.)

We’ve read about jewelry made from unwanted belongings, but how about a table setting made from an accompanying side dish?

The excitement of a picnic when the sun starts to come out can sometimes be scrutinized by the use of plastic cups and plates that are often left behind. Well, we’ve found a couple of fun alternatives with some of the most quirky, ingenious and downright weird examples off the web, from edible implements to a biodegradable picnic set.

New York creative designers, The Way We See The World, have designed a set of biodegradable, edible jelly cups called Jelloware. These flavoured cups are made to compliment the drink that they serve, meaning that nothing will get thrown away. And if it does, these cups can be sustainably composted anyway.

If you’re a soup lover, why not try a bread spoon to go with your bread bowl?

There’s even a whole picnic set made from biodegradable materials. You may not be able to eat these products, but Vegware manufacture everything from materials that can be safely composted in your back garden. From plates, cups and cutlery to the napkins and food packaging itself – you can’t get any greener than that.

And for those busy days when we can’t escape the work place, there’s even a more satisfying solution to chewing the end of your pen. Japanese designer Nendo has created the marvel that is chocolate pencils, which includes a pencil sharpener as well! Or if chocolate’s not for you, Dave Hakkens from the Netherlands has created a flavour-filled selection of pens made entirely from candy and edible ink.

We all know the saying, “Have your cake and eat it too”, so why not plate it is served on as well?