(This was written for my work placement at Stranger Collective)

From a giant figure with antlers, holding its erect penis whilst staring disturbingly into the audiences’ eyes, a larger-than-life sculpture of a drummer is Cornish sculptor, Tim Shaw’s, largest project yet, with the unveiling of the figure being held at Truro’s Lemon Quay next month.

Tim graduated from Falmouth’s College of Art with a first class BA(Hons) Fine Art degree in 1988. After moving to London for two years to work in the famous British sculptor’s house, Tim returned to Cornwall to begin his work on The Drummer.

The massive figure of The Drummer, representing the determination of people and places, is balanced on the edge a sphere. This sphere is often used in Tim’s work, relating to the sea, the earth and the moon, and is inspired by the quay’s circular paving design that refers to the tidal water beneath it.

The origin of The Drummer can be seen as the elusive drive running through all of Tim’s previous work. He describes his collection of sculptures as, “The past walking into the present moment.” This project, undeniably, is his most enduring yet.

Tim Shaw’s ‘The Origin Of The Drummer’ exhibition runs from 21st May – 21st June, 7pm-9pm, at St. Ive’s Millennium gallery, with the public unveiling of The Drummer following on 25th June.

For more information, visit Millenium’s website.