(This was written for my work placement at Stranger Collective)


Created to showcase the talent of writing in Cornwall and to help maintain a strong community of creative writing, the Parabola Project is a collection of imaginative poetry and prose, derived from the Telltales reading nights that launched in 2008.

Volume 1; Issue 1; Origins’ is Telltales’ first publication and the beginning of the Parabola Project, both edited and run by Claire Howdle. The Project represents talent from across Cornwall’s writing spectrum, from both new and accomplished writers with an assortment of captivating poems, intriguing novel extracts and compelling short stories.

Each of the writers has their own personal story to tell, which are described to us with such detail and integrity that we can’t help but feel a part of the journey that this book pulls us into. The stories flow from character to character and scene to scene, giving a quick insight into each of the writers before swiftly moving on to the next scenario.

From a short story about an artist whose work exists solely in his own mind (A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Mango by Tim Warren) to one about a young boy believing that he would wake up the next morning as a girl after swallowing the contraceptive pill (The Pill by Jane Pugh) – there is undoubtedly something for everybody to enjoy from this anthology of magnificently written prose.

If, for some reason, there isn’t a segment of writing that you find interest in, there is also the stunning visualisation of the book itself. Designer and Art Director Zander Grinfield and Venn Creative have really done this publication justice, brilliantly reflecting the creativity of the text that their alluring design encloses.

All of the money made from this first issue of the Parabola Project will go straight into he publishing pot for issue II, so if you want to help keep Cornwall’s creative writing community alive and thriving, then head over to http://wordslikepictures.com/parabola to add this issue to your shopping bag.

Volume 1; Issue 1; Origins
The Parabola Project
£4.00 (RRP)