This is a selection of profile pages that I wrote for the line-up section of Port Eliot Festival‘s website as part of my work placement at Stranger Collective. You can read more and see images of those attending the event by clicking the links provided.

Ben Moor is an actor and writer. An Edinburgh Festival veteran, Ben has starred in an eclectic and entertaining mix of one-man shows…and his journalism has appeared in newspapers and magazines such as The Guardian …Read more

Gustav Temple is the founder of The Chap magazine, a satirical gentleman’s journal first published in 1999. He’s a now the full-time editor and publisher of the journal, as a well as a freelance journalist …Read more

Former barrister Harry Mount is a journalist for The Telegraph and author of three books including Amo, Amas, Amat, and All That: How To Become a Latin Lover …Read more

Award winning playwright and director Jez Butterworth has seen his work showered with accolades and praise on both sides of the Atlantic. Also a film director, Jez is well-known for his debut film Mojo (1997) which was based on his multi award-winning stage play of the same name Read more…

Mark Manning is a graphic artist and former editor of London’s cult Flexipop magazine. Also known as heavy metal singer Zodiac Mindwarp in the band Love Reaction, Mr. Manning will be giving a talk on a life in the music business, which will be packed with amusing but sometimes rather shocking anecdotes …Read more

Author, journalist and former priest, Mark Vernon has written books on friendship, wellbeing, belief, science and the philosophy of the everyday. His articles and reviews on religious, philosophical and ethical themes have appeared in many newspapers and magazines …Read more

The formidable Rachel Johnson is an author, editor and journalist who appears regularly on TV and radio. Rachel was the first female graduate trainee at The Financial Times and has since written for most broadsheet newspapers including …Read more

Expert forager Robin Harford has been interested in plants for most of his life. From exploring fields as a young boy, Robin moved to North Devon when he was 19 where he discovered even more wild land. Twelve years ago he returned to the wild beckoning of Devon where he spends his time foraging …Read more

Head of Idler’s Grammatical Development, Toby Young has had experience in all fields of writing. Now associate editor of The Spectator and blogger for The Daily Telegraph, Toby is the author of How To Loose Friends and Alienate People, which was adapted into a successful Hollywood movie starring Simon Pegg …Read more