Work Placement @ Stranger Collective – Day Seven

For the first part of the day I was organising some of the posts on Coca Cola’s Live Positively Collective, sorting out some of the categories and making sure they were all in the correct format.

I then spent the majority of the day writing three stories for their website.

1. Bee Stations – These bee stations are helping create a safe nesting environment for bees as their numbers are rapidly decreasing.

2. 1 Litre Limited Tap – This is a modernly designed faucet that only allows a single litre of water to be released at a time, helping to prevent the waste of water.

3. Good Enough To Eat – A list of edible implements and biodegradable products as fun alternatives to plastic cups and plates on a picnic, which includes Jelloware – biodegradable, edible cups made from jelly.

Hopefully these stories will be used, as it would be great to say that I have written for Coca Cola! For now, they are in submission, so we shall see how it does over the next week, and if they are used I will insert some links onto a new post!

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