Work Placement @ Stranger Collective – Day One

Today was my first day working at Stranger Collective.

I arrived at the office at 9.30am. It was a small room decorated in Stranger memorabilia, exactly what you would expect from the unique design of the magazine. It was comfy. There was only Helen and Kirsty working today as most of the other colleagues work from home. It was a very relaxing environment to work in; just what I had hoped for my three weeks of working full days.

We started out by having a WIP – a Work In Progress meeting – which was mainly done to introduce me to all of the projects that Stranger Collective is currently working on, and also to discuss what parts of these projects I could be working on.

This also allowed me to talk to Helen in detail about Stranger Collective again, giving me some more insight into the company which will come in useful for my case study. At the minute I don’t have any idea what data I need to gain for my case study, so have not planned any research methods as I’m not quite at this point in my case study yet. But Helen is very cooperative and easy to talk to so there is no rush for this yet.

Carrying on, my first job of the day was to research into these projects a little more, reading through their websites and various issues that I had been handed, just to get an idea of what their writing style was like and to understand what they were about.

A few projects that I will be working on over the next few days are:

1. Coca Cola’s Live Positively Collective – This is Stranger Collective and Coca Cola working together to create a site about inspirational things happening around the world, including individual people and companies. This will start to gain some momentum over the next few days so there will be all sorts of things to be working on with this.

2. Beach Retreat‘s Summer Issue – This will include researching for features and getting information for the events section.

3. Port Eliot Festival – I will be working on the build up to the festival, researching, and hopefully at some point writing, for newsletters, mini-interviews and features to gain an interest from the public before the festival in July. There are also a couple of Post Graduates working with this festival on their internship so I might not have a great deal of involvement with this, but will be working with it in some way.

Today, I spent the afternoon finding daily messages – facts about the environment and inspiring quotes – for Coca Cola’s Live Positively Collective. These, or at least a number of them, will be used on their homepage throughout July.

I only had half a day in the office so I had the rest of the afternoon to carry on researching more into certain projects at home. I’d like to say that I got a lot done but I am not a fan of 9am and I was not even used to a half day; I have no idea how I’m going to keep these blogs up let alone finish my case study.

Nevertheless, the day was enjoyable and I look forward to the rest of the week as I have a lot of exciting things to be getting involved with. For now, I’m going to get back into bed.

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