When musicians find themselves writing songs and jamming for hours at a time, they eventually find something they become obsessed with. That’s what happened when Jollan Aurelio and Andres Colmenares started the band Heister in early 2010 after meeting in South Florida from different parts of the world. Not only do they use basic instruments such as the piano and guitar – they play ukulele, harmonium, glockenspiel and percussion in their songs, occasionally switching off instruments, trying to keep their sound delightfully organic and original.

Here’s a review for their EP which they are currently putting together:

Convictions‘ is only 2 minutes in length; a quick snippet of what Heister have to offer. This song shows off the more acoustic/summery sound of Heister’s sound, whereas ‘Depth‘ is a much darker song, with deeper vocals and lower notes, expressing a different side to their music, but still carrying with it a therapeutic composition of music that the EP keeps consistent.

Ever So Far‘ is a beautiful piano-heavy piece layered with soft vocals; a very calming song with a cheerful acoustic guitar to top it off. This soft melody flows into ‘Fairfield‘ which is a little faster with the addition of more instruments.

Several Scenic Miles‘ and ‘Slowmobile‘ are then very similar, again with the cheery acoustics of summer time. They remind me of a less whiney version of The Early November, reminiscing me back to the music I listened to when I was growing up. This is a great EP to listen to when you need to get away from it all and sit and clear your head.

This month they recorded a cover of ‘Make it Better‘ by Like Lions which is available to download for free here. They have also recorded a stunning video for their song “Fairfield”:

Their 7″ split with Dad Rocks! is out as well, which is available for purchase here.

Keep an eye out for more to come from these guys!