The new series of Skins hit E4 last night, and I don’t have much to complain about so they must be doing something right. A cheerier cast with more realistic relationships and less insane parents – with the exception of a gun being flashed around, it was heading in the ways of the original series, something we all had hoped for.

Meet the new cast: Franky, Mini, Nick, Grace, Matty, Rich, Alo, and Liv.

The series started with Franky, an outcast from the very start who wanted to fit in with a new year at Roundview College. With the help of mean-girl Mini, things don’t go to plan, but, surprisingly, it didn’t mean that everything was heading downhill.

We only get quick introductions to most of the cast, but so far they seem far enough from the likes of Cook and Effy to be a decent series.

Rich and Alo may not be the most attractive of members of the cast, but we should have listened when they said ‘appearances aren’t everything’. These two are definitely set to be the favourites of the team in an Inbetweeners-who-are-better-with-girls type way; referring to female genitalia as ‘muff’ and ‘clunge’ whilst helping Franky when nobody else cares, there’s some comedy behind their metal gear and ginger hair.

The episode had a bit of unnecessary cocaine usage, but the focus was around mumbled presentations in class and awkward P.E. lessons that the second generation cast wouldn’t even be attending. It’s been four years since the first series of Skins that I watched when I was also in sixth form, but there was still something relatable about this one.

So are we to expect any jailbreaks or suicide attempts in this series? Fortunately, it’s looking optimistic. Next week’s episode sees Alo help Rich to find the perfect girl, receiving help from Grace who has to learn the ‘ways of metal’. Episode three then focuses on Mini who is being pressured into sex by her boyfriend, Nick, but Liv not-so-nicely fills the gap for her. Relationships and sex, nothing too extreme; something we can all relate to. Let’s hope it carries on in the direction it’s going.

Or maybe they’re just saving it for the film…